Living life with chemo

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I am constantly humbled by Grover’s resiliency (and the resiliency of dogs in general). Grover’s white blood cell count came up just a few days late to hit the 3 week mark for chemo and is now successfully into round 2. To be honest — we hardly notice a difference, except that he wont eat kraft singles or peanut butter (which we usually hide his pills in) for about 5 days after. From our first chemo administration we learned that we have about 7-9 days before his neutrophils will drop and we need to be careful about where he goes and what germs he may encounter … so we lived up those 7 days.

I took Grover back out to our favorite hiking spot — Kamiak butte. I knew that we wouldn’t be able to climb to the top, but there is a grassy park just off the parking lot and I thought that the fresh air would do us both good. I never really knew if Grover actually liked hiking or if I liked hiking and he, as my constant companion, just went along. Well … I learned, that in fact he likes the hiking. I had to use his harness handle to physically drag all 45 kg of him off the trail that heads UP the butte. Twice. He finally took to the flat trails and at his insistence (i.e. refusing to go back) he hopped a total of 0.7 miles. Like a small child he will LITERALLY throw himself onto the ground, rolling in the grass, and refuse to get up if you try and turn him back before he thinks he is ready. Which, in this chapter of life we find hilarious and relish in his enthusiasm.

We have a met check coming in two weeks and initially I found myself “wishing it would hurry up and get here” so that I would know. So that I would know if we will qualify for the clinical trial we are hoping to get in. So that I would know if chemo was working. So that I would “know” if I could predict more time. And then, Grover reminded me to “be more dog”. Why waste these blissful 3 weeks — 21 days — 504 hours — 30,240 minutes — “hurrying up” to find out some information. Enjoy these moments. The sunsets and sunrises. The wind in his ears. His grass rolling temper tantrums. Car rides to get ice cream. Simply being together. That moment — the met check — will come regardless and  we have no control over the results. But, we can control taking advantage of the our time together now.

The wheat fields are harvested … but it’s still a beautiful view.

I have no words for this goofy boy sometimes 🙂

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Author: jkopper

The lucky owner of Grover, a Great Dane, living with osteosarcoma.

6 thoughts on “Living life with chemo”

  1. Yours is a beautiful blog. I really enjoy reading about Grover and am cheering for him– and you. Gorgeous pics, and lovely “be more dog” attitude–thank you for the reminders, I frequently need them.

  2. Thank you for your kind comments and support Dawn3g! <3 It's much easier to type than to live … and I too have to remind myself ever. single. day to "be more dog" and live in the moment. Together we will keep reminding each other <3

  3. Yessssss!

    First, congrats on moving to the next round of chemo. Grover’s doing so well, and you guys have studied him so well. The teamwork is paying off to get you all through the treatment, it’ll be a thing of the past before you know it.

    I LOVE what you said here:
    “That moment — the met check — will come regardless and we have no control over the results. But, we can control taking advantage of the our time together now.”

    BRAVO! You are making Grover SO proud. Your great attitude and live in the Now approach is such awesome medicine for him. I can see it in both of your expressions. You are in sync, you get it, and each other. YEAH!!!

    Love the pics. I wish we had been able to visit, it looks so pretty up there!

    1. Thanks for all of your support Jerry (and team)! It’s taken a village to get us this far and you (all) are definitely part of our village!

  4. Grinning ear ro ear over here!! Love rhis dog!!! His determination to be Grover and let nothing hold him back is priceless!!! I loved reading how he shows you he is still Grover and has no intention of letting one less leg be a challenge!! Such a great dog!!!

    And YOU!!!! YAY FOR YOU LEARNING THE VEST LESSON EVER….BE MORE DOG!!!! Grover is a masterful teacher and you are his best student!!!

    Love rhe pictures! He’s a great lap dog!😁
    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

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