4 months later

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I cannot believe that 4 months has come and gone. Four months ago we learned that Grover had a forelimb osteosarcoma and we thought his life was over. We wondered if it was fair to amputate his leg with all of his other problems – there were a lot of tears. Oh, so many tears.

We had serious discussions with others who were afraid that he could not handle life on three legs, particularly missing a front leg.  I distinctly remember telling his oncologist “He just needs to be a happy house pet, it’s not like we will ever or need to climb Kamiake butte again” and she said “you never know, he just might.”

This photo says it all (and for the record – it’s a hike up, not a drive up ;-)).

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Author: jkopper

The lucky owner of Grover, a Great Dane, living with osteosarcoma.

5 thoughts on “4 months later”

  1. Amazing. Tripawds can do many things our 4 legged friends do 🙂 Keep kicking butt Grover.

    Michelle & Angels Sassy & Bosch

  2. OMG! You DID IT!!!! Grover, you continue to defy skeptics and those pesky odds, and we are furever grateful to be a part of your amazing life on three legs. What a beautiful thing to get back to your old mountaintop.


  3. I am so glad to hear this happy update on Grover! His blog has been one of my favorites to follow. May I ask how far the hike was? My husband and I just allowed Arwen to go on a 1.2 mile hike 53 days after amputation, and we are wondering what other parents are doing for activity levels.

    1. This hike is about 1.5-2 miles with a fair amount of elevation (basically straight up, then straight down). He seemed to have more energy left in him at the end but I have been hesitant to push it (scared to get caught on the trail if he runs out of steam!). That is awesome that you are up to 1.2 miles at 53 days!! Keep on hopping Arwen! <3

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