Day after chemo and … rehab!

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We are pleasantly surprised that the day after chemo G is digging into breakfast and seems far less worried than we are. Lesson 1: I need to learn to “be more dog”.

The oncologist said she chose a slightly lower dose for him until we see how he responds because she has had a few patients end up septic in the ICU. We go back in 1 week to check is white blood cell counts but in the mean time … physical therapy!

The Tripawds group is a huge supporter of physical therapy in post amputation dogs which we think is amazing!! So much so that they will even pay for your first Physical therapy consultation! tripawds rehab program   What a generous program to help dogs get back on their feet!

We were lucky enough to already be enrolled in a physical therapy program pre-amputation to help keep Grover active and hiking in his golden years … the focus of his PT is shifting but we are lucky to have them as part of #teamgrover. Owner brag moment: Grover has even been featured on the American Association of Rehab Veterinarians Facebook page before! If you haven’t been there, check them out and scroll down to a June 21 post that has a most handsome Great Dane loving his spa day (not that I’m biased or anything).

Here is a photo of Grover getting some bonus massage therapy by some visiting veterinary students have his acupuncture treatment. We have to wait for suture removal before he can get back in the underwater treadmill … we are counting down the days!



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Author: jkopper

The lucky owner of Grover, a Great Dane, living with osteosarcoma.

3 thoughts on “Day after chemo and … rehab!”

  1. Grover is sich a RockStar, but we already know that! Now, by being featured in that article, others will know it too!!!

    Let us know how the reduced chemo worked overall. Obviously if Grover is already “digging into breakfast”, he’s responding just fine!!
    Keep on rockin’ handsome!!!
    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  2. OH Grover, you do know you have the best humans ever right? I mean sure they’ve got a learning curve when it comes to being more dog, but you are showing them the way and I can see they are almost there!

    LOVE that you are such a superstar Tripawd in the rehab world too. Great job! Here’s a link to the AARV Post, SO cute!!!!

    We’ll keep our fingers crossed for no side effects from the chemo 🙂 xoxo


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